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Краткое описание видео: .greetings it is a first video from the.bass course first of all I would like to.make integration and tell you what the.software is how the video course.organized what exactly do synth first.video tutorial those who want to skip.the introduction can click on the link.with a time code for the video so what.is browser automation studio.I will speak briefly boss the problem.allows you to automate actions in the.browser to be precise into Google Chrome.browser it looks like this you perform a.set of actions the best remember them.and set them in the project after this.the project can be played bus will.repeat the same actions you perform.earlier.can be edited you can drag the actions.and change their order prepare their.Valley you can create in a data script.directly in the visual designer.this means that he turned in programming.knowledge this means that you don’t need.to pay the program he turned in long.complex programming language etc all.this can be done in the bus with minimal.effort another interesting feature of.the software is the creation of.standalone programs this means that you.can transfer this software to any person.and that will run from it even if it.doesn’t have bus this opens up wide.opportunities you can transfer your.script to the customer or simply share.it on the web and it will look like you.made it in a user programming language I.would also like to talk about the.application store this is such a feature.that allows you to earn on bus to.independent developers without investing.any money you create a script and.applauded to the store it becomes.available for purchase to other bus.users decide takes only 10% of your.earnings and the rest of the money you.can get in a convenient way for you bus.contains many more interesting features.that will be colored in the following.layers but I would like to mention three.more the first features is the building.programming language JavaScript on which.you can create complex logic and this.will be done together with the rest of.the expressions you can find the car on.the internet and integrate it into the.bus.and it will work as if in normal browser.and even if you don’t know the.JavaScript pass will help you composed a.complex expression with the help of a.visual constructor by dragging blocks.this will be dedicated to separate video.another interesting feature is.multi-threading with bath it’s really.easy to make your application.multi-threaded replacing just a few.parameters and the last feature is the.price of bus you can get north of the.feature of the software absolutely free.you have the ability to create as many.board as you like with any number of.threads without paying anything for it.in addition bus has open source quad.therefore you can change the behavior of.the problem by adding new features there.but the current source code is available.only to premium users this means that.the public repository is not updated.after each update the premium version is.very useful for those people who want to.solve their problems because it allows.you to hide the source code real it.allows you to prohibit using discrete.for those who did not pay for it it also.has a convenient license manager with an.interface and many other interesting.themes for example for premium users.there is a professional support I.undertake to post all premium users by.mail and by Scott within two business.days I talked a little about the.software and now let’s start the video.lessons the video course will consist of.eight lessons all of them are available.free of charge each lesson will contain.information about some particular and.specific part of the bus for example.there will be a lesson about the least.that will be a separate lesson about.multi-threading working with file text.and cetera each lesson will be provided.with many examples I really like it when.the theory is not dry but it’s back up.by visual practice the first lesson.production will be devoted to the.general description of the interface.there will be only a few if you are an.experienced bass user then most likely.you will be uninteresting but if you are.beginner then this lesson can greatly.help you understand how the problems.wharfs each type will be reviewed I will.review all the menus I will click on the.buttons and tell you how the program.designer works I will do some action in.the browser and even create some simple.script that lourd the page takes a.screenshot gets its car etc.this is the main interface of the.problem after launch you see here a few.panels but I will talk about them a.little later now I would like to draw.your attention to the racket button in.the center of the screen you see that.problem tells us hit reckon button to.create script click on the bottom after.you click on the record button the.script editor appears in other words if.you need to edit a script at some.functionality something to change you.definitely need to click on the record.button and go to the script editor the.script editor consists of three panels.these panels are very important for.creating discreet therefore you must.know about them there is left panel for.editing discreet this is one of the most.important panels there is a top panel it.is no less important than the previous.one and finally there is a bottom panel.I will now tell you about all the panels.I will start with the top panel the top.panel contains a list of actions what is.action actions are some elementary tasks.that bus can perform an example of an.action is loading a page entering text.setting to proxy etc the top panel.contains all the action that are in the.bus well precisely almost everything.after all there are actions that are.directly in the browser but I will talk.about them a little later when I.describe the bottom panel so tection are.divided into models you can say group.there is for example a model browser it.contains all action to work with the.browser.there are Street logic waiters male and.if I now click on the male model that.all the action that I needed to work.with a male will appear but let’s go to.the browser model inside is a small.description of the model and a link with.which you can return to main screen and.the least F actions the panel can be.resized and now I will make the top.panel a little more for clarity and.there is a site a feature that you can.return to the interface to it original.state.you can use the menu for this then the.interface then restore edenal this is a.very useful function if you don’t.remember what the panel looked like.initially and once to restore it to its.original state.to not abuse resized well you see a list.of actions what can I do at them they.can be added to the panel with a script.editor script editor the panel that is.one on the left the left panel and here.is a list of actions so far the script.is empty there is nothing but one.initialize actions in the future there.will be different actions why do we need.such a list a fraction of course in.other that it could be repeated repeat a.deed etc about there are four bottoms.above the script editor panel that are.very similar to the balance of a regular.player for example the play bar.installed the script and performed the.action sequentially one by one there is.also a button that performs the.following action.there is a button that stops escrito.restarted on the rug our three-month.parameters but they are related to.multi-threading and I will talk about.them a little later from the bottom.there is a panel that it’s functions.actions can be glued by functions where.is function this is very easy to explain.with an example suppose there is a.function for a login to Facebook and it.contains several actions for example.clicking on the field entering text here.clicking on there ok bottom and so on.simply put functions are a thing that.can make you Street most rocket and more.intuitive you can also call functions.without each other you can just call.several of times thus the code doesn’t.forbid and so on I will say it again.a separate laser will be devoted to the.function then we just want you to.remember that everything that is below.refers to functions there is also bottom.panel.now you will see the start page in the.bottom panel.in general the bottom panel is a browser.I want to show you how it looks and how.it works for this I used the action to.load.I select it in the top panel and just.click on it but it’s not enough just to.click because you need to say exactly.what URL you want to love in other words.you can just say to load something you.need to specify exactly what I want to.load in the browser.clicking on the actions opened action.editor the action editor can contain.several parameters.but now for the agent Allah there is.only one parameter this is URL there are.a lot of buttons here but don’t look at.them I will explain their meetings later.now just remember that every action can.have many parameters the action.necessarily has its name in to balance.okay and cancel.I will open the page that I want to load.it is Google Mail com.I click on the okay button and now there.are several actions.first the lot action was added to the.script editor.as a result that start price of the.browser has changed to Google Mail.I will make the browser bigger so that.again simple.that is for this side this is a very.ordinary browser but for developer.discreet.this is not.firstly you cannot be better than a move.them all the element that are under the.malt under the cursor or highlighted.I can just click on the next button the.browser will not respond to this.I can’t enter all text by clicking on.the item the context menu appears.and it contains all the action that kind.of reformed with the element.here there is a click on the element in.the mouth and click on the element.screenshot solve the capture the.developer must decide what actually you.need to interact with the element.I want to click on the element so I.select the action to move the mouse and.click on the element I want to note the.direction and that appear in the context.new you are exactly the same at the.action in the top panel they also have.parameters Dallas exactly added to the.code editor panel but each static zone.is attached to some element in each of.this action has parameters in this KD.action move and click on the element is.pretty much a lot of parameters but who.will not pay attention to them it if you.just click on the arc a button that the.problem does what you expect of it the.problem will move person and click on.the next button.let’s start okay first you can see that.in new action has be added to the script.editor panel.secondly the actions were performed in.the browser decide give an error.naturally this happened because we.didn’t enter the mail there just click.on the bottom so her everything is.correct.not that there are two curves on the.screen the first cursor is system in the.second curtain belongs to the browser.panel the problem said the coordinates.of the browser coordinate the cursor and.displays it you think is starting icon.now I want to enter my mail in this.input field this done in the same way as.pressing the button I select the element.on which I want to perform action I.click on it.with the left mouse button.the menu appears I select type text and.enter the parameters there are many.parameters here but I’m only interested.in text to type under my my hair.I click on there ok button.then there are two islands first.Direction is added to this fruity little.panel secondly directions performed in.the browser now there are three action.lower and click on the element type text.but as you can see there are not in the.right order enter the text coracle.between their text input and move and.click on element actions I will move it.now this can be done in several ways the.first method is not the easiest.for at least we need to select caught in.past.this is similar to how a regular text.editor works to select a ten the problem.simply click the left mouse button and I.can appear switch indicate that the.action is highlighted you can also do.this with the frame now that when I.select action the number of selected.action on the panel change from the top.the panel at the top is very similar to.the panel that is many problems it.contains button to copy past select.everything clear and selection there are.cylinders ready buttons now we need to.call button but now if we just click.insert then the action will be added to.the same place where it was before.nothing will change I need to somehow.show the problem where I want to insert.the action for this the reason insert.educator not this is a twinned with.around edges which is highlighted in red.this is the active insert educator the.results have passive insert indicator it.is highlighted in gray it is very easy.to make the indicates your active click.the left mouse button if I no bread the.past button then the type tag section.will be moved to the second place by the.way the indicator also worked for action.that had been added from the top panel.now I want to test how this quit worked.and now for this I need to click on the.restart button and then on the play.button the insertion indicator is not.always active therefore you can simpler.able discrete or specified whereas.education boy should be what is the.education point this is something that.the program will perform as follows have.to understand where it is this can be.easily interested by looking at the.action me and the active action will be.red arrow you can also very easily move.the execution point by moving the mouse.direction and clicking on the arrow now.I moved it to the beginning and you can.see that the play button has become.active now I will run this creep and.this reaction will be executed in arrow.the page is loaded and in the input.field the mail is printed and then the.button is pressed swapping action can be.quite simple this can be done by.dragging blocks it is possible to.deductions suppose I’m to read the mail.incorrectly or I want to change the item.I want to click on when I open the.eidetic windows the action editor and.the banner are displayed which allows.you to add some additional features this.will make this trip more readable.this can be comments an explanation of.the actions I want to change the mail.and and one to the end I added the text.type parameters and click the ok’ button.the script changed the second action.changed a variety of operation that are.permissible.our actions are accessible through the.context menu Paris it can edit and.delete and move let’s now take a look at.the last action the person who did not.participate in the creation of the.script can get confused which element is.clicked on why does this click happen.why does this action do in general to.improve the readability of the script.the program allows you to leave comments.to it this is with editing you can see.that there is a filter description ones.left here I can enter absolutely any.text this does not have ex Krypton in.any way its own information for the.developer let’s write here for example.the word next comments can also be.multi-line and detailed after i click.the ok’ button the action will change a.comment will be pasted inside it i click.on the next the program also allows you.to search for an any item by a mage.before that you need to move the cursor.to the panel from the browser click the.left mouse button with the green frame.select the image you want to search in.the page the context menu appears again.there will be fewer elements a movement.click on element will remain click on.the ok’ button inside the block an image.were searching prepared unlike ordinary.actions in which there is only text i.will delete the old action only only.than you want i will select the old one.and click delete i would like to tell.you about another rather useful action.this action is a lot it also allows you.to increase the readability of the.screed did the module tools and contains.only one parameters there is the data to.interim whites needed this action allows.you to quickly find the cause of the.problem this action allows you to tell.the user what happens inside the screen.for example your screen goes to Facebook.and send out message after the page in.facebook has loaded you can output it to.the log after sending the message you.can write to the message sent log and if.there are occur simply during the.education of the screen then perhaps you.don’t immediately understand where it.happened but if you have a lot you can.tell that.was after setting message this is.especially useful in large script now I.will add a log to the script but I only.have reactions.it may seem superfluous but a lot script.it’s very useful.I have already in direct mail so I will.add to the log message I enter at my.mail I click on the button ok and the.message to the bottom panel is added.added detect that I enter it but added.with some additions there are only three.of them the first addition is a thread.number I will go into more detail in the.next lesson the second is local time.the third is the ID of message IDF.message harbour a useful thing for.debugging carriers that is love this.place not only an error message but also.number of this error and two each error.is attached it’s ID let’s say you want.to lower the page you click on element.inside the page script and you work well.but after while this element disappears.and in the message students appear the.program will simply write that the.element was not found but when it’s.appear you can immediately understand.where the problem has occurred by.clicking on a deep ditch and that.displaced message in the lock is.highlighted if I now click on the ID.then the action lock will be highlighted.another way to search for ID is the.search action button to open through.such menu you can click on the button.from the top which is located on the.right side on the script editing panel.everything is very simple just like with.normal problems I will enter all here at.the message inside the log action the.number will be highlighted in yellow I.will click on the search button and the.action will be highlighted if my script.had a lot of actions the program will.scroll to me the script in the desired.block in the search you can enter not on.the ID but also the parameters of the.action for example I want to find all.the action that works with Gmail to.action are highlighted with the help of.URLs I can flick them another very.useful action that concerns the output.of information is the result action you.may be indignant that the log action.already exists but this can be useful if.you don’t want extra roles let’s say new.register account on an aside and want to.display all success.sign-ups sells that it will not be.superfluous you can do all this with the.help of the result action I repeat that.if you use the lock then the action or.mix it with additional lines the action.result has two parameters data which.also were in action text input and the.result number the result will be.displayed in the next tab from the log.in accordance with the result number I.will choose the first number this means.that as soon as I click on the ok button.the result will appear here.I will delete the result action since we.will not need it anymore I have already.said more than one that action have.parameters most actions have parameters.but the parameters that I showed that.are used we like input those they were.transferred to action this could be the.URL of the page you want to load or the.element you need to find however actions.can also return data those this is the.result of the work well for example.there can be an element content HTML get.this car and somehow should return this.text in an aviary action the output.parameters of it is a wearable what is a.variable variable is some kind of name.for the data inside this tweet.it’s an kind of repository I will give.an example let’s say we use the receipt.of the page court you can say let the.page foot be output user log the user.will see it and everything will be fine.but suddenly I need to somehow process.this page what check if there are any.stop words take the value of some.element running it make some logic.depending on whether or not let what did.we’re both off work now I will show how.it works I entered the mail and it.didn’t exist decide to return me an.error message and I want to receive this.error message I click on the element and.select the gear element text action just.the section contains one output.parameters but it’s called.variable to safe you can name a variable.as you like but there are some.limitations first it should be letters.in uppercase in the world it should be.large letter and bus immediately.suggests a name that is more suitable.such as self text I don’t recommend to.call variables to simply to not get.confused later it’s much better to call.variables divided by the function they.perform for example error login account.I click on the ok button even if you.didn’t select a special name for the.variable it will still work I came up.with something for my own convenience.there was a new action you can see the.arrow to the right inside the code block.this notation will occur for action that.have output parameters how can I see.what Wally variables contains to do this.you need to find the variables inspector.it is accessible by the Baron which.showed the beetle it is located at the.bottom of the script editing panel I.click here and see only one variable and.its value if I had more variables then.they would all be out here well let’s.see this variable somehow the simplest.simplest to think we can do is bring.kits to the lock.I used to write some text in the field.but now I will use a variable pay.attention to the tag that falls out such.a menu is in any input parameters for.action select insert variable now the.torus is given to two wearables the.first is this cycle index and the second.in the error log in account cycle index.is created automatically in any script.and you can get rid of it I will choose.the one I created earlier in the field.to pair the name of variables in square.brackets when the problem sees the.square bracket it’s understand that is.variables and usage toiley.I want to put an end or message and.click OK the lock added a message that.was on this side and was stored in a.variable first of all I would like to.say that it in the field you cannot put.not on memorable but also you own text.for example I will let a message to the.field from the side I will add the text.in front of the brackets.as you can see nothing happens because I.have not yet performed the action to.perform the action click on the red.barrels and click play I talked about.this earlier in the lot see we can see a.new message with additional text.variables have such a feature to change.and the fact that our variables at the.moment contain the text of a side error.does not mean that it will be the same.in another part of the screed wearables.can be created you think a special.action which is the module squit logic.set variable there are two input.parameters variable name and you can.name the variables as the light you can.also select a variable from there ready.created by the principle that I showed.earlier I will choose the variable that.I created and enter a new text here i.click on the ok’ button and now you can.see that our variable has changed in the.wearable inspector if it is output to.the lock then it will have a different.value now I will delete the action set.wearable and I will tell you more about.some feature of the program interface.pay attention to the browser bar it.contains eight buttons at the bottom.left.they helped to scroll the page up down.left right butts in the demand side is.placed in this size in the browser.windows clicking on this balance will.not work however if you go to the side.that has a large size then this balance.will be useful to us.for example Yahoo call the button which.is at the bottom allows you to scroll.the page completely down accordingly the.button at the top allows you to scroll.the page to to the very top the results.that it connect button for editing.discreet if I click on it the window.will on forward to full screen if you.click on it again the enterprise will.return to its original state.the results are setting bottom this is.the setting for the script it’s Schuldt.also be said.that when creating a standalone board.and this setting will be preserved for.example if I select enable flash the.board will continue to use the flash.this tuning is quite useful there is a.disabled web RTC and Khan was skip.frames skip frames helps reduced to lot.on the processor if you set the number.to about 16 the number of frames will.descries I when the page loads there is.also restart browser process on thread.start this allows you to completely.clear all browser data between threads.and delete havin such things as cookies.which are very difficult to remove from.a regular browser if it does eliminate.mouse movement the mouse will move.clearly in a straight line there is a.setting that allows you to restore the.connection it called proxies reconnect.if you are not sure if you have a good.proxy then the setting will have to set.a proxy correctly now look at the top.panel this is a panel with a list of.actions there is a future what to search.if you forget in which module but the.action is located you can search it.through the search let’s try to find the.action allowed as you can see the search.gives us the action that and the model.browser allowed cookies also they search.shows links to videos and links to.articles this can also be useful there.are also bottom that will help you to.speed up the time of working with a.script these are the baron’s bookmarks.and history in bookmarks are detection.there are used most often in the future.to find this action you don’t need to.search it’s in the modules I put here.the lot and log we add the action proxy.if you want to remove this action from.the bookmarks you can drag it to the.trash.the reason bottom is a history panel.history is the actions that I used last.this worlds by analogy with a normal.browser where there is a history of.loading pages and of course the history.bookmarks passage between restarting.this fleet at this stage we have a.fairly simple script let’s try to run it.and once again show how it works but.first I will remove the a whole lot the.action is included in order the page is.loaded from the mail enter the email.click on the next button.look at this actions a click is made.then the log is output that X is output.and the lock is out could again the.message appears almost instantly actions.take place very quickly because of this.an error to have occurred during this.time the server would not have time to.return the answer there are several ways.to solve this problems the most obvious.and simple is to use the sleep action.the action of a dream during the time.said by the developers does nothing to.slips this action is in wait models.let’s set it to 10 seconds if the action.takes too long you can click on the.interrupt buttons and always top it true.the execution points is lost it will.need to be rebuilt I will run the script.again.now it’s wait it’s necessary to wait 10.seconds and you see that the correct.message was displayed in the lock by the.way the method from the lock can be.clarity using menu but the action of.sleep is not very optimal in other words.I put 10 second but in fact all this can.think longer it can work in less time.let’s say he solve this problem in just.30 seconds and the remaining nine and a.half minutes discrete little bear in a.in an activity therefore this thing is.not optimal in addition the proxy can be.bad and the script cannot perform an.action in ten seconds so there is.another way in this model there is an.action waits for the full law I will.move dancer.indicators all that it’s added after the.log this action does not take any.parameters it contains a fairly complex.algorithm to determine whether the page.was loaded and not this action Rex only.not only to the full lot of the page but.also to some network requests it works.correctly in case of a video stream or.for example a network chart or some.other I will add it and it will light.much less than ten seconds let’s try to.run the script again as you can see this.time everything and it faster we can.simply edit that all actions instead of.adding a new action to this for each.editing panel and if after eight this.cook requires waiting for the page to.load completely then we can specify this.in the setting of the action.so this crude will look more compact I.will run it again to make sure.everything works we have a suite but so.far we have only run it in the script.editor mode this is good but this is not.the best way to run the street because.this fruit can be multi-threaded the.script editors have only one thread he.pauses between actions to organize.debugging therefore it the best to run.the script in start-up mode now I will.show how it works in order to run this.fruit in the startup more you must first.click on this top button let’s click on.the Run button.the script has already started its work.the only downside is that the action are.not shown here at init script editor but.look at the log all messages are added.to the log we don’t see all that.happening but the scripts to work there.is such a feature in the launch mode.that a list of browser corresponding to.multi-threading appears on the panel you.can see what happens inside by clicking.on the check mark of the browser a.window will appear each browser will.have its own window inside there is a.cursor and.nothing normal they septum eyes the.wrestles of the problem the work is.faster the computer research are.consumed less in the problem there is.also a script report I will run the.script again to show what script report.is.this fruit was completed and a script.report appeared this is a windows in.which all the error message and the.running time are displayed if this red.are not working properly or if there is.some errors inside this creep this.report will help to find out where the.error was this is a powerful debugging.tool in addition to arrows there is an.ID of erroneous actions errors are.sorted by a frequency of occurrence in.other words if the message appears.astounded times then it will be at the.top and if the message appears one it.will be bellow let’s edit our script and.deliberately make an error there to see.how it will look in the report click on.the record button the script editing up.window appears instead of two male side.I will enter some non-existent one I.will start the script again.as you can see he immediately gives me.an arrow I can determine what went wrong.what did by the script editor at the.moment our script checks the mail into.mail database what if the user wants to.enter another mail for example if you.want to login to Facebook you can not.specify and change data and discrete.the user may want to enter other data.and what should we do remain the full.script for two lines that’s why the.problem has a resource editor it allows.you to ask the user in the startup mode.or in the right mode for example what’s.the password from Facebook how many.threads are required to run this suite.what message do you want to send to.another users etc therefore this fruit.can become Universal let’s specify a.result instead of mail to do this go to.the panel that is located on the right.there is a great new resource button if.I click on it a dialog will appear there.will be a many option but we will look.at them in a separate resource lesson.now I just want to show that this.resource exists and there is a.possibility to set tangent data I pray.the bottom you must specify the name of.the erasers I will name it email you can.specify the description in Russian or.English there are many types of rezo’s.but for now we will only choose fixed.link click on the next button.I’ll leave blank the default while I.feel because I want the user to type.something there I will click on the.checkbox string must be not empty.because I want the user to type at least.something the wrestlers was created it.remains only to click on the finish.button pay attention to the rest of.bottom it flash this.that the spirit needs to be restarted.for correct cooperation after that you.can see that this print is not just.launched but asked to enter mail the red.icon is also present here because notic.has been typed yet I will type some.layout that does exist as soon as I.start typing the rate I can disappeared.I would also like to talk a little about.setting up the window I will tell you.about this standard wall yes.if I click on the default button that.field will be empty because at this.moment this is a default value Farid you.can also save in a lot of settings if.there are a lot of setting this option.will help you allot them so you can have.many profiles to run the project also in.the project there is a choice of.language if I choose English then the.problem will have a description in this.language there are also advanced.settings and a folder with locks I will.talk about this in the next video.outwardly nothing has changed but I had.the opportunity to use resources I will.edit the action tactics and replace it.with the Wally of the results remember.how we insert variables similarly we can.insert resources choose the second.action Lord from file user input.database and hurries a choice of.resources since I have only one results.I will choose it there are two.parameters for configuring the results.but now I will not focus on them you may.not it that the Wally and the braces was.added to the field this means that the.value of this felt will be replaced by.the value of the resource here it is.necessarily to delete the old value of.the mail otherwise bus will enter a.strange twink.with tumors in a row I click on the ok.button and restart is free I start the.script as you can see the mail I said.for the result sees at the start of this.fluid is entering into the browser the.script will not work incorrectly because.the action get.text is superfluous after all there is.no error in the browser what to do in.this case they read the most frequent.question because the developer may seem.that this fruit is frozen in fact this.fruit to build about 60 seconds in give.an error the problem doesn’t under any.circumstance stop discrete it will issue.a message and restart the thread now I.just click on the interrupt button let’s.see how the user enters a results in the.launch model thread this top bar and.then the run bottom the results is enter.the resources into it exactly the same.way a window appears and now you can.specify mail we will enter the fake.email here to make a script world if you.enter the real mail here of this proof.to build hang one error let’s flip this.let’s go into the script editor we need.to perform all the step before get.element text we can perform action one.after another by clicking on the run.it’s action button but it’s easier to do.this by clicking on the run until this.button bus will perform the action.sequentially so what the problems what.are we trying to fix Jamel redirects.asks you another page on which this.element doesn’t exist.buzz wait 60 seconds and then gives an.error but this can be corrected by.changing the tomorrow.for example from 60 to 5 seconds to do.this you need to edit the action in any.action where there is a wedding for an.element there is a bar and with an.hourglass it is to the right of their.cancel bottom if you click on it a field.will appear where you can specify the.maximum rating time it is said by.default 60 seconds let’s enter 5 seconds.click on the ok’ button as you can see.near the hourglass appear a figure click.on the key bar now this group has.changed this wallet will certainly.remain after the script is restarted.let’s test.these with the mail that will exists as.you remember the wallet is taken from.there is us so we need to restart.discrete bus will ask us to enter a new.mail we start the script using the.blu-ray a rest of button enter of the.real mail and click on take a bottom run.the script we can observe how this.action and performance turn now buzz we.wait 5 seconds instead of 60 and give.out an error an error has appeared felt.wait for element here there is an error.ID and it’s selector about the selector.we’ll talk later.now I was please errors but it can be.fixed.in fact mistakes are normal be happened.the problem in this case we start the.thread and works on let’s say that is.the login and password for decide argued.but in the personnel cabinet the HTML.side has changed the program will give.an error and think that the username and.password are no longer valid.this will be completely incorrect with.respect to the user because he will.input the correct data and the problem.will generate an error.I want to make discreet more logical if.the error exists then we will output an.error message to the log otherwise we.will all put it to them mail is ready.straight log to do this return this flip.to the stage where the error was on the.page rest are displayed enter the fake.mail and run until get element text how.do we check if there is an element on.the page click on the select click on.the element and select is element exists.the action is ordinary it is similar to.other actions it has one input.parameters.before us is quite an unusual variable.the variables I showed earlier had a.string at the wall here this variable.can have only two values true and false.in other words either the element on the.screen is visible or not the variable is.called is exists I will click on that.key bottom I want to see if the variable.is added to the variable inspector.the value is true in other word the.element is present on the page if it.were not there it will be false I will.tell about such variables in a separate.lesson now just remember that it can be.inserted into the action if is a.conditional statement simply put either.one or the other action are performed.depending on the given condition this is.exactly what we need if there is an.element of the page.I will output it to the male is not.registered if there is no element on the.page I will put it to the male is Reggie.Street let’s see how this will work the.affection is in the script logic it has.only one input parameter here you can.insert a lot of different things but now.we use the variables exist there is one.more parameter at all so blog it must be.used that the expression is untrue since.we need to orient of the development of.violence in our script I will select.this option this action is not quite.usual there are insert indication inside.the block if you want to insert some.action into the first insertion.indicator the action will be executed.only if expression is true also will.only execute if the expression is false.this is an ideal option for a location.now I just add a lot to two places if.the message is and then I output to the.lot Mel is not Ruby straight in order.not to create an action a second time I.just copied and edit it iris tada script.let’s see again how it works well you.can see that the actual worked it was.highlighting in yellow now let’s try to.enter L mail I’m doing the same.as you can see the script tries to.execute the action but it can’t now we.will remove to a distraction that.prevent this freed from the duty they.are irrelevant so they are necessary.remove your element text and lock.we start the script let’s start again.the spirit walk correctly the script can.be improved so that it works with fast.or with threats.I will not concern this in this video.lesson but it’s really easy to do now.that we have a good at correct project I.would like to share it this can be done.in several ways the first way is to.transfer the project file to another.person the file contains all information.about variables resources etc if another.person runs this flipped on his computer.he will see all the same it’s very easy.to do this just select save as this is.done in the same way as another programs.text editor etc it’s very easy to do but.there is a small problem another person.will have to download bus open the.project and run it in addition you will.have to explain to user the difference.between record and run the user may.become confused to solve this problems.you can creat a standalone problem to do.this you need to compile the problem you.can click on the compile button but now.it is an active so you should click on.the stop button now I will show you how.the compilation of the problem works a.window with several parameters appears.the first parameter is the type of.compilation this option does not apply.that is cru tilde protected in other.words you agree that other users can see.the god of your script people can share.your project with other people do.whatever they want to the car and so on.if this option is not suitable for you.then there are others other options mean.compilation which protection which.allows you to specify the password to.the problem.chain the interface update etc but this.can only be used by premium users if you.are not a premium user then you can also.compile the script but the problem will.not protect it the first to fill on a.minute.you can then descriptors like for.example Jamel checker.a folder appear there is one executable.file called eggs and number problems is.in no way depend on bus you can do.anything with it.for example transfer it to another user.what happens when I launched this.problem when the problem is launched for.the first time the launching windows.appear here there is a probes bothered.show how much time is left before the.down lot of necessary components is.completed in the future this will happen.only the first time it is started this.is natural because the users operating.system are different therefore the.problem is installed on the computer in.a universal way.a window appears where you can select.the language for example choose English.this means that the problem interface.will be in English at this stage of the.launch the user can select the input.parameters I will enter real mail here.and click on the ok button the.standalone program interface is slightly.different from the main interface there.is a buildin browser in which you can.see what is happening there is a log.report and some basic settings that will.allow you to manage the script.effectively we can make sure that the.script is working correctly we have.achieved our goal so the first lesson is.over it looked like a real the program.capabilities you will be able to study.the problem in more detail and the.following lessons

BrowserAutomationStudio. Lesson #1. Introduction. Standalone gmail checker.

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